No More Sticky, Moldy G#, C# and Eb Pads

"Leaves Keys Open To Dry"

 Sax Repair Services:

  •   Professional Overhauls

  •    Partial Re-pads
  •   Springs replacement
  •   Key Adjustments/Regulation
  •   Soldering
  •   Dent Removal
  •   Neck Re-Corking
  •   Key and Feet Re-Corking
  •   Key Straightening
  •   Leaks Eliminated
  •   Neck Tenon Fitting (sax neck will    fit perfectly, neither tight nor loose)
  •  Cleaning, Oiling and Adjusting
  •  *Stripping, buffing and re-         lacquer of brass saxophones
  •  Now offering re-plating of nickel  plated keys and guards
  •  Necks reinforced 
  •  Thumb rest relocated
  •  Strap rings replaced
  • *Ergonomic Heavy Mass thumb screws for sax necks available

*Ask me for a free demo!

Easy to use and they work!!

"Key Leaves" Sax Key Props for Sale!

Scientifically proven to work at minimum 98% of the time

 Expert Repairs on Vintage & Modern Alto, Tenor, Soprano & Bari  Saxophones by Saxman Repairs

*Ergonomic Heavy Mass Neck Screws(Improved tonal quality)

Available for Alto and Tenor Saxophones!    Ask me!

 Bring me your sax and get it checked for free!

Shipped saxophones: $25 charge for return shipping for alto sax, $30 for tenor sax shipped to me for repairs! Insurance if desired is extra.

* No job is too small, and no minimum price is charged!

See my pricelist above.

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*Seasonal service - only performed

April 15 to Oct. 5 approx.